Lawn Maintenance Starts Soon

Did you know that experts estimate that grass covers roughly 26% of the earth's surface? That's over a quarter! But we would wager that it covers a much more significant percentage of your Huffman neighborhood and at least half of your yard. With all that coverage, it's no surprise that when most people think about landscaping, they primarily think about lawns! And though the time taken for each session is low, lawn maintenance is likely the task you frequently complete for your landscape. Why do we bring this up? Well, word on the street (or the feeling in the air) is winter is winding down, and next month, Cut n' Edge will live up to our namesake and restart all the regular tasks you need to get your yard healthy and beautiful! Mowing Long view of front yard with green, freshly-mowed grass in Huffman, TX The heart of lawn maintenance is lawn mowing - in fact, they're so linked that your brain may have automatically substituted the word "maintenance" with "mowing. Of course, there's more to maintenance than mowing, but it is essential and may be more involved than you know. There is more to mowing than just riding (or pushing) a mower over the grass. You should not mow every lawn the same. What Type Of Grass? We say lawns or grass as if we are speaking of one plant, but there are over eleven thousand (possibly up to thirteen thousand) species of grass! Even the most popular grass in the U.S., Kentucky Bluegrass, has hundreds of varieties. And while it's all green, it all has different requirements. Different grasses grow in different parts of the country. In Texas, we tend to use warm-season grasses, which you can typically cut shorter than cool-season grasses. Even so, it pays to know the specifics about your lawn or hire someone who does. What Season? When we start mowing next month, it will be the end of winter and the beginning of Spring. Did you know that you should cut the grass the same length yearly? Generally speaking, we mow the lawn a little shorter during cooler weather. New Grass? When grass is new, it needs a little time to establish itself. Therefore, newly installed turf should not be mowed right away. Then, we leave it a little longer than we cut established grass when we do cut it for the first time. Edging Now we come to the edging part of Cut n' Edge. Edging is the difference between an ok looking lawn and a picturesque one. Your edge establishes borders and gives your lawn a polished look. We edge the lawn by cutting a groove into the ground where the lawn ends and something else (like the garden or driveway) begins. Beyond aesthetic appeal, we edge primarily for two other reasons. Prevents Overgrowth Your plants want to grow! That's great for you most of the time, but they sometimes continue where you want them to stop. Even if you've never had one, you've undoubtedly seen a driveway where grass or weeds have encroached and destroyed the cement or asphalt. Creating a clear border makes it more difficult for grass to make the jump into an area where you don't want it. Saves Time A proper edge saves time in trimming and detail work. If you're paying someone like Cut n' Edge for your lawn maintenance, that may be less of a concern for you, but when companies spend more time, they have to charge more. Front lawn with flower beds, shrubs, and trimmed grass in Huffman, TX Trimming Speaking of trimming, what is it, and how is it different than edging and mowing? Trimming is what landscaping companies do to even out spots the lawn mower missed or couldn't get to easily. Often trimming is needed where the ground is uneven or in other harder-to-mow areas. Blow Outs And the lawn maintenance coup de gras? That would be blowouts. Mowing and other maintenance tasks create a lot of short grass clippings that can get everywhere and make an unsightly mess. Nothing ruins an excellent mowing job like grass clippings on your driveway! So, to fully complete your lawn maintenance, Cut n' Edge ends every lawn with a complete blowout to ensure you don't have any mess left over, preventing you from thoroughly enjoying your yard. Ready for Lawn Maintenance? It may not feel like it yet, but lawn season is about to begin. Are you ready to Cut n' Edge (and trim and blow out)? Give us a call for a great customer experience that is a 'cut' above so you can be at the top of the list as soon as we start lawn maintenance next month.