Six Landscaping Trends To Consider in 2023

As a property owner, you want to stay on top of the latest trends to magnify your home’s beauty and create a functional landscape. What projects should you add to your home improvement projects to increase your property value in 2023 and beyond? Our landscaping professionals discovered a few trends we think you should consider. Explore the top trends to enhance your landscape design. #1 Recycled MaterialsMulch and decorative rock to add style! The best in landscape design begins with a good idea and design plan and improves overall visual appearance. Let Cut’ N Edge upgrade your Kingwood property! Call today! Are you in the market for new patio furniture? Shop for pieces made from recycled or reclaimed materials. Numerous brands create outdoor furniture from recycled plastic or reclaimed wood for a durable yet sustainable option to accommodate your comfort. These pieces give new life to old materials and come in various styles and colors. Recycled materials are now a trendy way to be as environmentally conscious as possible with your exterior home features. Plus, you’ll do your part in protecting the environment with each purchase. This furniture prevents used materials from rotting in a landfill. Not only does recycled plastic become usable, but manufacturers produce less plastic. Some outdoor building materials also use recycled plastics for a strong yet eco-friendly patio. #2 Drought-Tolerant Plant Installations As climate change becomes a bigger concern, many homeowners opt for landscaping ideas that involve drought-tolerant plant life. Cacti, succulents, and other hardy plants require less water than other varieties. Many cacti can also survive freezing temperatures when planted in the right soil. Trade your high-maintenance flower beds for towering drought-tolerant plant installations that require little special care. Plus, you might save on water bills with soft scapes that thrive in drought-like conditions. They’ll add a unique visual aspect to your swimming pool or other water features for an authentic oasis experience. Add mulch around your flowers and plants for an organic yet stylish trend with positive effects. #3 Water Features Speaking of water features, did you know a well-maintained one can protect your local environment? Many people enjoy them for their aesthetic beauty and the tranquil background noise they provide. For example, a small pond in your front yard adds a mystical allure to your property. But water features do more than visually enhance your landscaping design. Small, man-made ponds attract frogs, birds, insects, and other small animals that rely on water sources to sustain their energy. Even a small bird bath with a pump can increase the survival of hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees as they pollinate important food sources that sustain human society. #4 Pollinator Flower Beds with Native Plants You’ve probably noticed most trends involve sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Your plant selection is no different. Many native wildflowers add splashes of color to your lawn. Several perennials thrive in flower beds that contain good soil, nourishing fertilizer, and fresh water. While they add organic beauty to your outdoor space, they also supply local pollinators with the food they need to thrive and reproduce. Additionally, both options often require less maintenance to thrive. Thus, native wildflowers and pollinator-friendly perennials are excellent options for homeowners who want to help their local environment while adding effortless beauty to their properties. #5 Unique Hardscapes to Add to Landscape Installations Adding dimension, texture, and sustainable elements to your home, like mulch, will improve the overall landscape aesthetic. Let Cut’ N Edge upgrade your Kingwood landscape today! Retaining walls and dry creek beds add texture and elemental diversity to your property’s layout. They also prevent issues like erosion and flooding from damaging your property. A skilled landscaper can add personal touches for a more custom appearance. For example, flower bed maintenance goes hand in hand with a hardscaping project but also benefits the structure of the landscape. Retaining walls protect sloped areas from erosion. Heavy rains and winds slowly whittle away at the dirt on the slope, which can cause issues with an area’s integrity. Building a retaining wall keeps dirt in place. Plus, you can request that your landscaper build stone benches into the stonework for convenient seating. If parts of your property become swampy after heavy rains, these structures prevent water from escaping those areas. This can cause fungal infections in surrounding plants and grass. A dry creek bed offers an attractive drainage solution that redirects excess water away from the swampy, soggy area. #6 Personal Produce Gardens Ready to try your hand at vegetable gardening? Personal herb and vegetable gardens are one of the top trends of 2023. Climbing grocery prices and economic uncertainty inspired this approach to nourish land and family. Like the victory gardens of World War II, modern produce gardens offer an attractive property feature and food security. Try your hand at tending to herbs and vegetables. Some varieties require little maintenance. Plus, few foods taste as good as the ones you grow yourself! Adding multi-purposeful solutions to your landscape saves time and money on going out to the market but also allows you to get in touch with the surrounding nature of your outdoor space. Discover Endless Landscaping Possibilities with Cut' N Edge Lawn Services Do these landscaping trends pique your interest? Put them into action at home! At Cut' N Edge Property Management, our team has the experience, equipment, and industry-leading products to make your outdoor endeavors successful. Call us at (804) 376-8050 for a free quote!