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Lovely Landscaping, Patios, and Sod Installation Provided in Huffman, Texas

Huffman, Texas, is a farm town found in eastern Harris County. This is a farming community that has exploded with crops and lumber since the early 1800s. The farm life is the best life for residents of Huffman and being less than half an hour from New Caney makes it even better.

Huffman, Texas, was first established in 1839 by a Louisiana man named David Huffman. Back when twenty-four dollars was a small fortune, he established a chunk of land for farming crops. This was the start of the farming boom for this community – Huffman still maintains its hometown appeal.

Huffman, TX - Lovely Lawn Care

What Services Does Cut’n Edge Offer in Huffman, Texas?

Lawn Care

Weed control methods in your lawn prevent weeds and pests from invading your beautiful yard. Hard work and time have been spent creating the lawn you’ve always wanted. Now is the time to care for it to keep grass green, trees strong, and your shrubs shaped perfectly.

Controlling weeds should be left to our team of professionals at Cut’n Edge. We have the skills and experience to extract weeds safely without damaging your lawn.


When you look outside, you want to see a landscape you are proud of. Cut’n Edge Property Management is here for all your design, installation, and flower bed needs. Each flower bed is unique and requires its mulch, weed control, and watering methods fit for each flower.

Landscaping is a big service, but you never have to do it alone. With our top-notch communication, our team ensures each client is as happy as their flowers are.

Christmas Light Installation

Holidays are fun to decorate for when you add enhancing lights to go the extra mile. Your house will be the most festive and jolly on the block! Cut’n Edge Property Management is here for all your light installation needs.

Getting into the spirit of Christmas has never been more fun! Your home will be decorated in no time.

Sod Installation

When your grass struggles to stay green and full, sod gives it the boost it needs. We only use the best quality sod for our clients because quality beats quantity every time. Your lawn doesn’t have to be a lost cause; Cut’n Edge is here to give it the revival and strength it needs to become a beautiful, green yard.

Yard Clean-up

Cleaning leaves from your lawn allows the sun and rain to reach your grass and flower beds. Yard debris crushes your plant life and makes it harder for them to receive the necessary nutrients. Cut’n Edge ensures each leaf, branch, and twig is removed.

The functionality of your lawn is what we strive for. Your yard is a living system, and cleaning up leaves is part of keeping your small ecosystem alive and well.

Fence Work

Fences are excellent features that provide privacy, boundaries, and safety. Keep those little paws and little feet safe in your yard by keeping your fence in great shape. Fixing holes, replacing boards, and repainting are all effective ways to keep your fence around for years to come.

We are a team that values our professionalism and provides each client with a strong, helping hand for every landscaping need. Cut’n Edge provides lovely lawn care, landscaping, and sod installation to Huffman and New Caney, Texas, communities. With our excellent communication, you won’t have to worry about the progress of your project. You’ll never be disappointed because our quality is outstanding and the best in town!

A customer experience that is a cut above!

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