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We offer premium services to homeowners across the area and keep the focus on their needs. These include: landscaping, patios, sod installation, hardscaping, lawn maintenance, irrigation, Christmas light installation, and more in Kingwood, Huffman, Crosby, Porter Heights TX!

Our services are much more than a pretty lawn – we offer the residents peace of mind knowing their landscapes are being taken care of. The Cut’n Edge team is thorough in all of our work and puts professionalism and quality at the top of our priority list!

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Lawn Services - Cut’n Edge Property Management

Lawn Services

Your lawn cannot stay healthy and look immaculate without much work to keep it that way. Maintaining your lawn includes mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing to prevent your lawn from becoming an overgrown mess!

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If you’re searching for a way to transform your lawn from basic to dazzling, new landscaping is the way to go! Installing and maintaining new landscape features will boost your curb appeal and keep the compliments flowing from friends and neighbors.

Christmas Light Installation - Cut’n Edge Property Management

Christmas Light Installation

‘Tis the season to be jolly – with a brilliant light display that will surely raise your holiday spirit and make your home a sight to see this season. Our team supplies the lights for you the first year, then replaces them every year as needed so you can keep dazzling your neighbors!

Sod Installation - Cut’n Edge Property Management

Sod Installation

Unfortunately, sometimes your current grass is beyond repair and needs serious intervention. If your grass hasn’t responded well to seeding or watering schedule changes, you may need a sod installation to start over completely!

Yard Cleanup - Cut’n Edge Property Management

Yard Cleanup

Your lawn will be messy every once in a while; there’s nothing you can do to avoid that. However, cleanups are necessary to keep the lawn healthy and from becoming an eyesore. Additionally, debris and dying brush need to be hauled away more frequently in Fall or Spring!

Fence Work - Cut’n Edge Property Management

Fence Work

If you have fencing around your yard, you know that it doesn’t last forever – after a while, it will need some work to stay strong. Newly built fences, restoration services, and repairs are all included in quality fence work!

Irrigation - Cut’n Edge Property Management


Your plants, flowers, and grass all rely on water to stay alive – without the proper amount of water, that won’t last very long. These services involve installing a new sprinkler system on your landscape and making repairs as necessary to keep it operating well!

Pressure Washing - Cut’n Edge Property Management

Pressure Washing

That grime that clings to your house and other hard surfaces over time is unsightly, to say the least, and can lead to bigger problems later on. Our team is trained in power washing, so we can easily clear away that gunk and leave your home looking fresh and like-new!

Fire pits image - Cut’n Edge Property Management

Fire Pits

Like any hardscaping addition, a fire pit allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space all summer long. But the unique benefit of this type of installation is that it extends your enjoyment of your space into the chillier months.

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Landscape Lighting

A well-lit property automatically feels safer! By installing outdoor lighting, you increase visibility on your property, preventing slips and falls. In addition, unwelcome intruders may be apprehensive to trespass on your property given its well-lit nature.

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Retaining Walls

When you add a retaining wall to your property, no matter what material you choose to build it with, it adds texture to your landscape. It can also provide definition that allows you to showcase your plantlife.

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Outdoor Living Space

When you design a brand-new outdoor living space, you get the opportunity to tailor your installation to meet your specific needs! Love to host dinner parties? Maybe adding an outdoor kitchen makes sense.

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