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Reliable Landscape Lighting Installation Services In Kingwood, Huffman, and Crosby TX!

What is included in our landscape lighting services?

  • Our knowledgeable team will help you choose the best style of lighting to fit your unique tastes.
  • We will examine your property to find the best placement for your outdoor lighting.
  • Finally, we will brighten your property by beginning the installation process!
Landscape lighting in Kingwood, TX

Why choose Cut’n Edge for your landscape lighting installation?

Our attention to detail, passion for our craft, and core values, shine through all that we do!

  • We prioritize customer satisfaction! The job is not complete until you are happy with the results!
  • Professionalism is of the utmost importance to us! This is why we show up on time and you can count on us to keep our appointments for your project!
  • We understand the importance of consistent communication in building relationships with our customers. We are a team you can trust!
  • Obtaining the highest quality results remains our goal! We strive to exceed our client’s expectations!

What are the benefits of installing landscape lighting?

Spend more time outdoors!

If you enjoy spending time outdoors on your property, landscape lighting can help you spend even more time in your favorite space! Why go inside when the sun sets? With the right outdoor lighting, you can spend several hours more in your yard. It also improves your ability to entertain guests well into the evening hours of summer! No need to end the party when the sun goes down!

Boost your property value!

Each time you upgrade your outdoor living space, you increase the value of your home. This is particularly important if you plan on selling your property in the future! Landscape lighting boosts curb appeal by adding ambiance to your property in the evening. In addition, depending on the type of outdoor lighting fixtures you choose, you may be able to increase your property value by up to 20% with this service!

Make your property safer!

A well-lit property automatically feels safer! By installing outdoor lighting, you increase visibility on your property, preventing slips and falls. In addition, unwelcome intruders may be apprehensive to trespass on your property given its well-lit nature. Landscape lighting acts as a natural deterrent for those attempting to commit a crime on your property.

What services pair well with landscape lighting?

There are a ton!

Landscape lighting can surely brighten your property, but why not upgrade your entire outdoor living space so you can enjoy the new evening view? Our team can transform your property in a variety of ways! Some of our additional services include:

  • Landscape Installations and Maintenance – Want to spend more time outdoors? Why not make the most of your landscape! Our expert team can install vibrant new plants, mulch, and more! Once we upgrade your landscape, we can help you maintain it so that it keeps looking its best!
  • Fire Pit Installations – Ready to enjoy your outdoor living space s’more? A fire pit can make for a wonderful place to relax or entertain your guests outdoors!
  • Hardscaping – Whether you need an entire outdoor living space, or just a single fire pit, patio, walkway, or retaining wall, we’ve got you covered!

The Cut’n Edge team provides their customers with reliable Landscape Lighting Installation Services In Kingwood, Porter Heights, and Huffman, TX.

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