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What is included in our lawn services?

  • We cut your grass down to a manageable level, so it grows evenly, develops stronger roots, and is much stronger against lawn diseases and pests.
  • Trimming specific areas of your lawn is part of our job, focusing on things like the areas around shrubs and small bushes so they stand out amongst the grass.
  • Edging is the best way to keep clean lines around your lawn and avoid weeds, eliminating all the clippings that dirty up your hard surfaces by blowing them away.
Landscaping in Kingwood

Why choose Cut’n Edge for your landscape needs?

Our team has a passion for the work we do, and it shines through in all that we do:

  • We believe great customer service should be a top priority for any business and is for ours
  • Being professional is second nature and is instilled in all our members
  • We cater to what our customers need and want to provide fantastic results
  • We don’t just talk about the importance of quality; we act and surpass it
  • Started small and grew into a full, thriving business – we know the balance of humility and confident

What are the benefits of these services?

Less likely for pests to make a home on your lawn

Pests are a problem no matter the state you live in or where in that state you live. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do to minimize their impact on your lawn.
Keeping your lawn maintained and trimmed removes many hiding spots they use to breed and hide from danger. It also makes treating your lawn for pests easier and more effective!

Less needed physical labor on your part

It’s great to want to be an active part of your landscape’s maintenance, but you also need to know your limitations. Many folks don’t know much about lawn maintenance and can hurt themselves trying to do it independently.
Getting help taking care of your lawn’s routine services will lessen the physical burden on homeowners and prevent unnecessary injuries. That way, you can fully enjoy your lawn and not worry about getting hurt!

Healthy grass will affect the environment around it

There are many integral benefits to keeping your grass as healthy as possible, considering it’s the foundation of your entire landscape. Healthy grass looks good and has environmental benefits for your surroundings.
Grass provides oxygen for you and your family, but only if it’s healthy. Healthy grass helps keep your lawn cooler in the hotter months and makes it much easier to keep your air clean.

Are there other services that can help make this one more impactful?

Yes, there are, and together they can create a beautiful masterpiece on your landscape!

Nothing beats having a functional lawn, but it doesn’t happen overnight. There is more to be done than just cutting the grass or edging the outside:

  • Landscaping – having brand new landscaping installed on your property will give you a great starting point and make maintaining it with lawn services easier in the future.
  • Seasonal Cleanups – keeping your lawn clear of debris and dying plants will directly impact your landscape, giving less opportunity for disease and pest damage.
  • Sod Installation – keeping your lawn maintained is hard work and can be made easier by having new sod laid down that will contribute to a healthier landscape.

The Cut’n Edge team is happy to provide our customers better than the best lawn services in Porter Heights, Kingwood, And Huffman, TX!

Cut’n Edge Landscape Management – a customer experience that is a cut above!

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