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Exceptional Outdoor Living Spaces in Kingwood, Huffman, and Crosby TX!

What is included in our outdoor living space installation services?

  • It all begins with a free estimate so that our team can assess your property and decide how to maximize the potential of your space.
  • Next, we work on designing the perfect space for your needs. We use the design phase to make sure we understand your vision.
  • Once a design is finalized, we will start prepping your property for the installation process.
  • After the building, we’ll clear away all equipment and materials and provide information on maintaining all the components of your new, fabulous outdoor living space!
 Ready to upgrade the look of your outdoor living space? The Cut’N Edge team can install a patio, walkway, fire pit, retaining wall, and more! Call us to see what hardscaping features we can infuse into your Kingwood property!

Why choose Cut’N Edge for your outdoor living space needs?

Our core values drive all that we do!

  • Prioritizing Customer Needs- The satisfaction of our clients matters a great deal to us, and we aren’t happy with the results unless you are too!
  • Professionalism- We understand the importance of keeping appointments and maintaining professional conduct at all times!
  • Communication – We pride ourselves on consistent communication so our clients can enjoy a stress-free experience!
  • Premium Results – Expect us to pay attention to the details to ensure we get the highest quality results!
Want to install a patio, fire pit, or retaining wall? The Cut’N Edge team can upgrade your outdoor living space! Call us to learn about the hardscaping features we can add to your Kingwood property!

What are the benefits of upgrading your outdoor living space?

Spend more time outdoors!

Being outside, surrounded by nature, taking in the fresh air has been proven to have health benefits. Just looking at plants a few minutes a day can boost your mood and improve your mental health. If you do not have a designated area for relaxing or entertaining, it won’t be possible to enjoy the outdoor portion of your property. By adding features to install or upgrade your outdoor living space, you can greatly reduce the time you spend cooped up inside. Certain features can maximize your time too! Sure, a patio will give you a spot outdoors to relax, but additional features, like a fire pit or outdoor kitchen, can provide many additional hours of enjoyment!

Boost your property value!

If you are wondering if a hardscaping project is a smart investment, remember that these features can add an additional 20% to your property value, making the ROI well worth it! This is especially important to remember if you plan to sell your property in the future. On that topic, if you do want to sell, an upgraded outdoor living space is extremely attractive to potential buyers. This addition may be the main selling point for someone wishing to purchase your property!

Create a unique space!

When you design a brand-new outdoor living space, you get the opportunity to tailor your installation to meet your specific needs! Love to host dinner parties? Maybe adding an outdoor kitchen makes sense. Then you could cook and spend time with your guests simultaneously! Have some drainage issues in your yard? If you don’t want it to resemble a swamp, installing a retaining wall might make sense for your space. Not a big fan of s’mores? Maybe skip a fire pit and opt for something else to fill the space on your patio. The possibilities are endless!

What components can we include in an outdoor living space design?

Yes, have so many services to transform your property!

  • Patios and Walkways- A well-designed patio can provide many hours of outdoor enjoyment for you or your guests! We can also add walkways to make clearly defined sections and safer paths for walking in your yard. This also protects your plant life and grass from excess foot traffic!
  • Landscape Installations- Outdoor living spaces are not just about hardscaping features. Surrounding your space with vibrant flowers and an array of plant life can further beautify your property. Softscaping elements allow for some additional color, style, and texture, making your yard even more enjoyable.
  • Retaining Walls or Seating Walls – Whether you want to create defined sections for your plant life, provide additional seating, or solve a drainage problem, a retaining wall is a smart choice for any outdoor living area.
  • Fire Pits – Bring the heat to your space! A fire pit allows for increased use of your outdoor living space, even after the chilly weather arrives. Let’s not forget about s’mores- a good enough reason alone to get a fire pit!
  • Outdoor Kitchens – Why miss time with the guests on your patio when you could prepare your meal outdoors? Hosting is just more enjoyable when you aren’t running back and forth from inside to outside during meal prep!


What design options are available?
We have a range of materials to select from for your installation! From pavers to stones to concrete, ask us about the materials and colors and dimensions that would look best on your property!
How do I best maintain my new outdoor living space features?
The hardscaping elements of your installation can be easily cleaned with pressure washing or soft washing, depending on the specific material used. The Cut’N Edge team offers this service, too, and we are happy to help you keep your outdoor living space clean long after the build is complete!
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