Sod Installation

Serene Sod Installation Offered in Kingwood, Huffman, and Crosby TX!

What is Included in Our Sod Installation Services?

  • Laying the best quality sod in town!
  • Repairing your yard for the better
  • Protect your lawn from those pesky weeds and pests

Why Choose Cut’n Edge Property Management?

Cut’n Edge is a company that values our clients and provides the best quality services to satisfy all their landscaping needs. Sod installation is a highly sought-after service that protects your lawn. You’ll never have to worry about yellow grass again when we lay the best sod in town!

  • Customer services are our top priority to ensure each client feels valued.
  • Communication is key to keeping clients satisfied and feeling they are heard.
  • Trust is earned from each client when they see the work we do.
  • We only provide the best quality services for each of our clients.
  • Our team is full of professional experts that get the job done.
Sod in Kingwood

How Does Sod Help Your Lawn?

Prevent Erosion

When soil is exposed to the elements, erosion takes place much easier. Topsoil is where the nutrients for plants reside. Without it, the health of your landscape slowly depletes, and it is harder to revitalize your plant life.
Installing sod covers your soil and damaged grass with a fresh blanket of healthy soil and grass.

Cut’n Edge provides your lawn with a second chance.

Protect Your Lawn Against Weeds

Weeds invade when the lawn is weak and vulnerable. When fresh, quality sod is installed, the soil becomes stronger and more fertile for your desired plants that snuff out the unwanted weeds. A healthy and strong lawn isn’t out of reach; Cut’n Edge ensures this for you!

Sod strengthens your grass to keep your lawn in functional and healthy condition. Soil is fertile and strong and is essential for the rest of the landscape to grow strong and vibrant for seasons to come.

Green Lawn, No Pests

Pests are attracted to rotting and weakened lawns as well. But, with the team’s help at Cut’n Edge, you can have the strongest lawn on the block! Green lawns are pest-free lawns.

Once they take over your lawn, it’s a matter of time before they move onto other plants, such as your flower beds and trees. Pests eat blades of grass and suck out the nutrients your lawn needs. These landscape vampires can be deterred, and band from your lawn with the excellent services Cut’n Edge has to offer.

What Other Services Help Your Freshly Laid Sod?

Landscaping, Lawn Care, and Irrigation Help Your Lawn Improve

Your yard will only improve with the more services used to give you the lawn you deserve and thrive to maintain. Once the initial landscape is built and installed, maintaining and caring for plants still needs to happen to ensure the time, work, and dedication don’t go to waste.

  • Landscaping- Landscaping is the service that transforms your boring yard into a functional oasis that your neighbors will begin to notice.
  • Lawn Care- Taking care of your lawn ensures the functionality and longevity of your plant life lasts a long while for you to enjoy and share.
  • Irrigation- Water is essential for keeping your landscape alive and well; it’s even more effective when irrigation systems are timed so you don’t have to think about it and overwatering is less of an issue.

Cut’n Edge Property Management is a professional team that provides serene sod installation to the lawns of Kingwood, Porter Heights, and Huffman, Texas.

A customer experience that is a cut above!

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